Founders of Absolute Yoga Amsterdam

Erik-Jan de Rooij

Erik-Jan was a professional field hockey goalkeeper with the Dutch national team until the age of 30. Shortly after the World Championships in Sydney he decided to become an entrepreneur. Ever since then he has been helping individuals as well as companies to perform at a higher level. Erik-Jan works as a consultant and guide for business transformation. All along, sport, health and well-being have been woven into both his private and professional life.

Transforming a sports career into an entrepreneurial business career was very challenging. In fact, the associated stress and pressure started to take its toll. It was then that he experienced the miracle of yoga. From his very first lesson in 1999 Erik-Jan was hooked. He started practicing on a regular basis, first in Amsterdam and then all over the world, exploring various teachers, styles and kinds of retreat. Yoga became a vital feature of his life, helping him relax, remain supple, center and establish profound connection with himself and the world around him.

The power and beauty of his yoga path deepened even further in 2008; he visited AbsoluteYoga Samui in Thailand and experienced the detoxifying effect and sports power of Hot Yoga. He’s now helping bring this invigorating experience to the Netherlands.

Sandra Buncic

After studying Tourism Management and Economics in Zagreb, Sandra felt the need to leave her native Croatia in search of inspiration. Many adventures later she ended up in Amsterdam, together with her Dutch husband.

Sandra fell in love with Hot Yoga while living in Koh Samui, Thailand some five years ago. When she was 16 years old she suffered a severe back injury that seriously affected her mobility and caused excruciating pain. For many years she went through all sorts of treatments and therapies, ranging from pleasant to very painful, orthodox to alternative. Yet, after having invested a great deal of time and money, her back still wasn’t right.

She attended a Hot Yoga class for the first time in AbsoluteYoga Samui, and her body started screaming; “more!” For a few months Sandra attended a class daily, sometimes even twice a day. She learned how to identify the right signals and recognize her limits. She left Thailand after 5 months with a completely healthy back. The pain never returned. Her doctors are still scratching their heads wondering how this happened.

Now, for Sandra Hot Yoga is no longer about recovering from injury, but about staying healthy, becoming increasingly fit and looking good. It’s also about having fun and sharing enjoyable moments with others, which is why she is aiming to create an environment in Amsterdam where everyone feels able to do just that.