Meet the Teachers

Anna Wisniewska

Anna websiteAnna totally fell in love with yoga when she was living in Michigan, USA. She practiced hot Vinyasa every day, even twice when she had the time.

Besides the physical joy it brought her, yoga also taught Anna a new attitude in life with a focus on how we treat ourselves, other people and all living creatures. Yoga also encouraged her to be grateful for everything we have.

In January 2014 Anna moved to Amsterdam and started practicing at Absolute; the rest is history.


Araliya Bosma

Araliya B

As a professional graduate form Lucia Marthas Dance Academy, Araliya danced in Soul of Motown productions and the Dinnershow of Dreams at Studio 21. After she started her own business as a dance teacher, pilates & sport-instructor she also started working as an actress. Araliya played different roles in short movies and television series. 

 She’s a very dynamic, curious and enthusiastic person who, during the week, teaches many classes at our studio! Next to her passion for teaching she is also interested in other types of exercising, like for example aerial tissue, breakdance, snowboarding and more. All of this brings quite some physical tension and she can find her mental peace and balance in yoga and meditation. 

Being an experienced Pilates instructor, that is how Araliya started at Absolute Yoga. After doing the Hot Yoga Teacher Training, and experiencing all the benefits herself, she fell for Hot Yoga too. Araliya likes teaching divers groups of people and levels and loves sharing her energy and spirituality through this. She loves combining the benefits of Yoga and Pilates.

 Kari Littley

Kari grew up in Australia where she started playing field hockey at the age of five. She continued after moving to the Netherlands in 1988, playing at a high level. Unfortunately she had to quit in 2007 because of an injury – and that’s when she really fell in love with yoga.

Her passion for yoga grew every day and her injury healed. After six years of practicing hot yoga and during a difficult time in her life she decided to do a 100-day challenge and combined it with raising money for a children’s charity. She was still keen to deepen her knowledge and understanding of yoga in general, and went to an ashram to undergo the Sivananda teacher training course.

Her passion to teach yoga grew even stronger there, and having completed her teacher training at Absolute Yoga Amsterdam in 2013 she’s now loving and enjoying her never-ending journey as a yoga teacher and student.

 Lize Lindenbergh


After a few years of kickboxing, gym and running Lize fell in love with Yoga. Especially Hot Yoga! After practicing Ashtanga and Vinyasa Yoga for a while Lize tried Hot Yoga and after the first class she already knew this was it! Not only the exercise, workout, flexibility and the strength it gives her body, especially the way she feels afterwards for both her body and mind is still indescribable to her.

Practicing Hot Yoga used to be her escape from busy life. It helped her to find balance in all aspects of life and become her happy self again. At that moment she decided to radically turn her life around. She quit her job and decided to become a Yoga teacher. February 2016 she graduated from her Teacher Training at the Absolute Sanctuary in Thailand, Ko Samui.

Now she is back to teach and help her yogi’s on their path. Every Yogi enters the studio with his or her own story and she wishes to be the teacher who helps them to achieve their goals; whatever that may be.

 Marije Horbach

marije-horbachMarije has always loved sports, especially those involving a good work-out. She started doing yoga at the gym, but mostly practiced it on the side. But once she took a hot yoga class, she fell in love with it. She loves to sweat and stretch, and finds the feeling she has afterwards indescribable.

She stopped playing field hockey to concentrate more on practicing Bikram yoga with hatha yoga (non-heated). At Absolute she learned about the different styles and variation in hot classes. Now yoga is no longer a workout; it’s a necessity. She completed her teacher training in Amsterdam in 2013.

Having previously torn her hamstrings several times, one of the things she loves about yoga is strengthening through constant practice and attention. Yoga requires a lot of patience, but she believes that finding this patience is also beneficial to other aspects of life. She loves helping people go further with their yoga, and is only too happy to discuss poses and answer questions regarding asanas.

Mireia Reverter Riu

Mireia websiteMireia has always been into fitness and a few years ago she discovered hot yoga. At first, she started to practice for the relaxation and focus/concentration benefits. At the time this was a way to escape and balance a pressured working life.

What she liked about hot yoga from the beginning was the fitness element. The fact that you could disconnect from the outside world and get a workout in one go was amazing! The more she practiced, the more she wanted to do it. She started doing workshops in order to benefit from a more detailed explanation of each posture.

That’s how Mireia found herself at the teacher training at Absolute Yoga. For her, yoga is now a way of life; her way of life.

Natalia Abramova

Natalia websiteNatalia got her first taste of yoga at the age of six back in Russia. Together with her father she would practice hatha poses in the living room on cold winter evenings. She developed a passion for yoga that never left her.

In 2006 she discovered Bikram yoga and instantly knew this is what she wanted to do for a living. When Absolute Yoga Amsterdam opened its doors Natalia was one of the first practitioners and she is still on board, although now in a different capacity. She completed her training in 2014 and joined the Absolute Yoga teacher team soon after.

Sabrina loeser

SabrinaSabrina is originally from Germany, but has spent her last 9 years in the Netherlands. During that time she has spent many years in a corporate world and was looking for that new work-life balance. She has always loved being active, running, gym group classes, snowboarding or any sort of outdoor activity, but once she entered her first Yoga class about 6 years ago, she knew this is something she would want to take to the next level.

In 2014 Sabrina then was ready to take that next step and completed the Hot Yoga teacher training in Amsterdam and is currently completing her Vinyasa teacher training.

It can be a struggle at times to juggle corporate world and teaching, but Yoga is her underlying force keeping all of the pieces together. The combination of body control, mindful movements and the miracle of influencing the mind offers her that piece in life she was looking to complete.

Paul Kortekaas

paul-kortekaasPaul has been practicing hot yoga intensively for almost 10 years and was hooked after his very first encounter. Along the way he realized more and more just how complete it was. He noticed lasting improvement in muscle mass, suppleness, concentration and stamina. From head to toe, from inside outwards, physically and mentally, it was possible to develop yourself within the energy of the group while collectively reaching new heights.

For Paul, hot yoga was much more than a ‘work-out’; it was a way of living. He started practicing every day, completed the 100-day yoga challenge, took advanced training courses, attended workshops and twice participated in the Dutch Asana Championships.

In 2012 he successfully qualified from the Absolute Yoga teacher-training course in Thailand. His passion had become his profession, and in 2013 Paul assisted in the first Absolute Yoga Amsterdam Teacher Training. Now Paul devotes his energy to coaching, motivating and inspiring students in a professional way, so they too can experience how the power of hot yoga can bring a significant change to their lives.

Victor Arnolds

Victor participated in many different sports from a young age; from table-tennis to hockey, from race-sailing to kickboxing. Unfortunately, chronic back problems and a damaged knee made it necessary for him to look for something less competitive and more sustainable.

Victor likes his yoga down to earth. The combination of physical awareness and mind-calming concentration, of wilfulness and letting go, has proven very beneficial to him. After three years of practicing he underwent his teacher training with Mark Drost and Zefea Samson of Evolation Yoga.

Now, in his classes, he provides a safe and supportive space in which people can explore and grow. His open attitude to practice and teaching reflects the way he looks at people and at daily life. Besides teaching yoga, Victor is a professional photographer in the film and television industry.