Membership Rates


New StudentsPrice 
Trial Class*€18,- FreeBuy now
Trial Month* | continues in auto-debit €99,-/month€ 49,-Buy now
All MembersPrice 
2 Months Unlimited€ 169,-Buy now

* residents & online registration only 


Standard Prices

Drop in Class€ 18,-Buy now
1 Month Unlimited€ 129,-Buy now
10 Class Card (valid 2 months)€ 129,-Buy now
10 Class Card (valid 4 months)€ 149,-Buy now
3 Months Unlimited – Save 25%€ 289,-Buy now
6 Months Unlimited – Save 35%€ 499,-Buy now
1 Year Unlimited – Save 40%€ 899,-Buy now
Monthly Auto-Debit Limited Yoga | 5 Classes€ 59,-/monthBuy now
Monthly Auto-Debit Unlimited Yoga | 12 months minimum€ 79,-/monthBuy now
Monthly Auto-Debit Unlimited Yoga | 3 months minimum€ 99,-/monthBuy now

Members rules & regulations

  • A yoga mat, practice towel & face towel are provided at each class for your convenience at no charge
  • Please bring or purchase drinking water
  • Please bring or rent a shower towel
  • Unlimited membership allows you to come to as many classes as you wish (including multiple classes in one day)
  • All membership are non-transferable, non-refundable, and have a fixed expiration date
  • Absolute Yoga is not responsible for any items lost or stolen during practice
  • Please inform at Front Desk for Corporate Memberships